ERP Software Development – Manager

Coimbatore, India

Position Title: ERP Software Development – Manager

Department: Information Technology

Reports To: Executive Officer

Location: Rathinam Tech Park, Coimbatore

Job Type: Full-Time 

About Job:

     The ERP Software Developer is responsible for the development, customization, and integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This role involves working closely with cross-functional teams to analyze business requirements and translate them into effective technical solutions. The candidate has a strong background in software development, a deep understanding of business processes, and experience with ERP systems.

Primary Responsibility:

ü  Implement new ERP software tailored to the needs of specific departments or users.

ü  Train end users and create awareness about the ERP system to ensure effective utilization.

ü  Develop training materials and conduct workshops or training sessions for users.

ü  Design, develop, test, and deploy ERP software solutions.

ü  Customize and configure ERP applications based on business needs.

ü  Integrate ERP modules with other software systems.


Secondary Responsibility:

ü  Conduct root cause analysis and implement fixes for software issues.

ü  Create and maintain user guides and technical manuals.

ü  Stay updated with the latest ERP technologies and industry trends.

ü  Propose and implement improvements to existing systems and processes.