Associate Professor-CSE /IT/AI&DS

Coimbatore, India

As an Associate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), your role encompasses various responsibilities related to teaching, research, and academic leadership within the department.

Job Description

Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in CSE, mentor students, and contribute to curriculum development.

Lead and conduct research projects, publish findings, seek grants, and collaborate with peers and industry.

Engage in academic leadership, including departmental activities, faculty mentoring, and community partnerships.

Pursue ongoing professional development, uphold ethical standards, and contribute to the advancement of CSE knowledge and education.


    1. Education: M.E/M.TECH with Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, or a related field.
    2. Teaching Experience: 7-10 years of experience in teaching CSE courses at the university level, with a strong record of effective instruction and student mentorship.
    3. Research Expertise: Demonstrated research excellence through publications in reputable journals and conferences, grant acquisition, and involvement in cutting-edge research areas.
    4. Leadership Skills: Experience in academic leadership, such as serving on committees, leading research teams, mentoring junior faculty, and contributing to departmental initiatives.
    5. Industry Collaboration: Proven ability to collaborate with industry partners, engage in technology transfer, and apply research outcomes to real-world problems.
    6. Professional Development: Continuous learning and professional development activities, involvement in professional organisations, and adherence to ethical standards in research and teaching.