Administrative Manager

coimbatore, India

Job Overview:

      As Administrative Manager, Pivotal in overseeing and managing the administrative operations of a specific campus within an educational institution. Responsible encompass a wide range of tasks related to administrative support, coordination, and management to ensure the efficient functioning of the campus.

      In this position in educational institution, Crucial in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the institution's administrative functions. 

Roles & Responsibility:

Ø  Oversee the daily operations of the administrative office and campus.

Ø  Supervise and coordinate daily administrative activities within the campus office.

Ø  Prepare and monitor budgets for administrative expenses and ensure cost-effective use of resources.

Ø  Assist in the accounts department and all types of academic and non-academic audits as required by the institution or regulatory authorities.

Ø  Coordinate with the HR department to facilitate recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes for administrative staff.

Ø  Collaborate with senior management to develop and implement strategic goals and initiatives.

Ø  Provide administrative support for academic programs, projects, events, and initiatives.

Ø  Participate in strategic planning processes for the campus and contribute to goal-setting, performance metrics, and evaluation.

Ø  Identify areas for process improvement, innovation, and efficiency gains within campus administrative functions.

Ø  Serve as a point of contact for internal and external stakeholders, including faculty, students, parents, vendors, and community members.

Ø  Coordinate meetings, events, and appointments for campus administrators and staff.

Ø  Coordinate transportation services for staff, students, and visitors, including managing vehicle fleets, schedules, and routes.

Ø  Monitor transportation, kitchen, and other administrative amenities costs, budgets, and expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities where possible.

Ø  Coordinate with kitchen staff, vendors, and suppliers to ensure the timely delivery of food items and supplies. Oversee food service operations, including menu planning, food preparation, inventory management, and quality control.

Ø  Maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation standards in the kitchen, canteen, and food court areas.

Ø  Manage maintenance activities for buildings, grounds, and equipment, including repairs, upgrades, and preventive maintenance.

Ø  Coordinate with maintenance staff, contractors, and vendors to address facility-related issues promptly.

Ø  Conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations.

Ø  Manage soft service contracts, including cleaning, housekeeping, pest control, surveillance systems, IT department, and security services for buildings and common areas. 

Key Skills:

Ø  Strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate and manage a diverse team.

Ø  Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

Ø  Problem-solving and decision-making skills with a focus on operational efficiency.

Ø  Flexibility to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Ø  Conduct regular performance evaluations and implement development plans as needed.


 Educational Qualification & Experience:

Qualification: Master's degree in a related field such as business administration, management, education administration, or a similar discipline.

 Experience: Prior experience in administrative roles for more than 9 to 12 years within educational institutions or related industries is beneficial. Experience in areas such as office management, facilities management, or general administration is required. 

Remuneration: Salary is not a constraint for the right candidate

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